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Trulli for rent in Alberobello

Have you ever received a postcard from Apulia? Certainly you will have noticed the trulli, the typical white buildings with conical roofs, piled one next to the other, to give a visual continuity that made them famous all over the world. In fact in 1996 UNESCO they declared the area as Patrimony of Culture Heritage.

The trulli of Alberobello are so popular to be chosen every year by many people as a destination for an alternative holiday, for a few days or even just for one night, to experience the thrill of sleeping in a trullo, a really unforgettable experience. The origin of the name comes from the late Greek and means dome.

Private trulli for rent

For your holidays, Pugliadirect is proposing you private trulli for rent, completely renovated buildings and equipped with every comfort, to enjoy the most authentic Apulia, made of traditions, folklore, ancient customs and the typical slowness of rural life.

Originally the trulli were planned to accommodate farmers or shepherds during the working break in the fields, because the entire area of Alberobello was divided into many plots of land. Thanks to the availability of limestone and the technique of drywall masonry without mortar, developed since antiquity, the truly are today the pictorial figurehead of Apulia.

Holidays in the trulli in Alberobello

Alberobello is absolutely the world capital of the trulli; the old town district of Monti includes more than thousand of them, used as private homes, bars, restaurants, shops, churches. But do you know that there are many other communities where you can experience sleeping in a trullo? The whole territory has a lot of small urban areas where the trulli are true protagonists of the landscape!

The first traces of these buildings are dated around the year one thousand, when small rural settlements were built in the whole rural area. The trulli are an example of spontaneous architecture, imposed of the necessity to exploit the raw material existing in the whole region of Apuli, the natural limestone rock with which they are entirely made.

But the trulli are also an example of the talent and the creativity of the residents of Apulia. The thickness of the walls and the presence of only few windows on the walls guarantee a perfect thermal balance: cool in summer and warm in winter months.

To rent a trulli in Alberobello for holidays is today the ideal solution to visit the regions of Apulia and Salento and discover this territory where different cultural influences have created a mix of traditions, history and food and wine to envy the whole world!